CALABU coses petites i boniques ...small and beautiful things...

Enamorada de la vida

Domingo, 30 Septiembre 2007


Fox and Forresters 2 concerts for the price of one! Que bo!!!

they were great, quins bailoteos!

Gina And Imma trying to pull with the band singer....
Too Young!!
dolors,imma,murray,gina, morgan Fox tree
Plus mark and mark....
Outside the Forresters

My song....

La colla pessigolla... First night with Dolors in Stony Stratford....

Crazy people, great music, love, and lots of dancing....

Marc, Marc, Gina, Morgan, Murray, Carl, Nicky, Dolors, Imma


HAT TRICK!! Aixo no ho para ningu, Anem primers!

La pilota estima Henry

i jo tambe!!!

Despres de tant acariciar-la per fi l'ha tocada!!!!

I ben tocada!

Tremola Madrid!!

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